Centro de Asesoría para la Sustentabilidad Ambiental A. C. 


It is a non-profit civil association.

We implement and develop assistance projects that involve scientists, teachers, students and the local population, focused on caring for the environment.

We do exhibitions , workshops , forums, courses , seminars, preparation of teaching materials (guides, curricula) . Open Call.

We promote the training of teachers, academics and representatives of public and private institutions.


We are an inclusive Organization that promotes care of the environment through environmental education, public advocacy, the right to information for a responsible and sustainable use of natural resources.


We see the organized population made up of conscious citizens who understand, get involved in their rights to sustainable development, and assume the exercise of their corresponding environmental responsibilities.

We are a leading organization in environmental education, which influences the design of public policies, through the articulation of different sectors related to the sustainable use of natural resources in Mexico.


  • Through environmental education comes understanding that leads to respect for the environment, gaining awareness and belonging to start acting.
  • An education in values for a critical and purposeful citizenship, which analyzes what happens around our concerns and aspirations for social change.
  • Each social actor has rights and responsibilities with respect to the environment and this is a fundamental factor to preserve oneself as individuals and to ensure the survival of society itself.
  • From belonging derives the ethical commitment to respect as social beings and towards the planet's natural resources.
  • Environmental education constitutes the possibility of learning to think; as a process of awareness to recognize oneself as historical subjects acting in their moment and in its socio-environmental reality with the world.


To carry out our mission, we operate with the support of several organizations that accompany us in our effort to make this world a better place.


We are convinced that strategic alliances are an essential part of the success of our corporate purpose.